What to Wear to a Wedding When the Invite Says…

White tie, lounge wear, black tie, garden casual, beach
formal… Argh! Nail your outfit with this handy little pictorial guide
on what to wear, when.

It’s wedding season, which means you’re probably sifting through your wardrobe planning what to wear, according
to the invite, and you’re probably a bit confused. These days, the options aren’t just formal, cocktail and casual anymore, you’ve got garden casual, black tie and even white tie. The very worst thing you can do is arrive at a wedding inappropriately dressed, so here is a cheat sheet to ensure you nail the dress code.

1. White Tie

This is the formal of the formals. For most of us, it is unlikely we’ll actually be invited to one of these extravagant dos – they’re more reserved for your royals and  big awards shows such as the Oscars. But take your inspiration from Hollywood’s leading ladies and ask yourself: Would Cameron wear it on the red carpet? If not, you need to up your game!

White tie

2. Black Tie

This is as formal as most weddings get in Australia. Yes, this does mean you should wear something floor length, but you can get away with something that is shorter if you amp up your accessories. But seriously, why not go all out when you’ve got the chance?

Black tie

3. Lounge Suit

Lounge what? This is when you pull out a fancier cocktail dress. If it’s an evening event choose darker, richer colours, and if it is
daytime, opt for lighter shades and materials. Why not try that white dress? Always keep it chic rather than something you would see girls wearing in a nightclub.

Lounge Suit

4. Garden Wedding

No, just because it says garden wedding it does not mean you have to wear florals. Wear a day dress or a two piece. Most importantly, leave those stilettos at home and opt for a chunkier heel as you are bound to see some lawn action at some stage during the wedding.


5. Smart Casual

Just because it says ‘casual’, doesn’t mean you can rock up in your favourite jeans. This is definitely when you need to think outside the box. Try a dressier playsuit with your favourite wedges or a skirt and top combo.

Casual wedding

If you still find yourself unsure your outfit is going to cut it, I always say it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed – no one can fault you for looking fabulous!

Have you ever found yourself at a wedding in an absolute fashion faux pas? Tell us in the comments below!


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